Few Tips to Buy Refurbished Laptops and Computers from Dubai

What to look for when buying refurbished laptops and computers from Dubai

Want to buy latest electronic products and that too at a good price, read on, we are sharing some tips for buying the best IT or Electronic Open Box, Refurbished, or Used Goods.

A big number of distributors, retailers and end customers like to buy used laptops or computers and other IT & Electronic products in bulk from Dubai as well as Sharjah. However while buying refurbished laptops, computers, mobiles, tablets, TVs, printers etc they have to take care of few basic things. In this article, we are highlighting few of the advantages and disadvantages of used and refurbished IT & Electronic devices and sharing some tips for buying the best IT or Electronic goods lot. Before heading to the shop try to understand the difference between these goods:

1. Open Box:

These are the products which are just opened to display it on the retail shops. These are brand new products and some might not be even switched on. Once opened the retailers cannot sell it as brand new category and obviously has to be sold at discounted price. Sometimes these deals may be the best deals the buyers can get.

2. Refurbished Products:

Refurbished products are products which are returned by customers due to minor defect or in some cases, Laptops and PCs are new because they never came out of the box (maybe the order was cancelled or it was a surplus with the distributor or a corporate company, for example).When a customer returned laptop (or other IT & Electronic goods) lot reaches a refurbishing company, they put them through tests to make sure that whatever the returnee did not like, is the only problem, and then they will do what they must to fix the goods. If it’s a lot of laptops, then hard drives are wiped clean and the operating system is freshly installed. If it’s a desktop, it will probably get a new mouse and a keyboard. Then the system gets tested and verified again, just like it did before it went out in the first place. It goes into a fresh box and is put out for sale. Legally, it can’t be called brand-new, and that means it typically sells at a lower price, even though, for all intents and purposes, it is as good as new.

3. Used Products:

As the name indicates it is a used product, used for the particular amount of time and returned by the customer. Used products also undergo the same testing phase as refurbished products and all the defects will be fixed before selling it to the customer. As a precautionary matter don’t buy used products directly from the previous owner, otherwise you will end up buying faulty goods. As in Veracity World, our products will undergo several testing phases before reaching the customer.

Hope you are clear of these jargons (Open Box, Refurbished, and Used Products)

Now the main difference lies from where you buy these products, we suggest retailers, exporters and end customers to buy from a reputed IT & Electronic goods refurbished or recycling company. So what all the factors to keep in mind before picking up a product.

Factors to be considered before buying Open Box, Refurbished, and Used Products:

1. Warranty:

Factors to consider before buying opened box, refurbished, and used products

We mentioned earlier buy Open Box, Refurbished and Used Products from a reputed IT & Electronic goods refurbished or recycling company. This is nothing like buying directly from a previous owner. If it comes from the refurbished or recycling company, it will once again have a warranty, at least, for a while. So if something goes wrong and that usually happens within the first 7 days, you are covered.

2. Product Support:

If it doesn’t come with a warranty, you should check whether the refurbished or recycling company provides a good product support.

3. Return Policy:

If the product is defective or cannot be repaired, make sure the company has a proper return policy or replacement policy.

So if you are buying a lot of refurbished laptop or computer or any other IT or Electronic goods from Dubai or any other emirate, we suggest you to visit Veracity World. If you are not sure and need assistance, you can contact us directly and we will try very best to get you a good deal. So if you are not a big fan of used computers and used laptops etc. we suggest you to consider refurbished laptops and refurbished desktops. If you are in UAE, you can order and get them delivered at your office. You are also offered warranty for these products which you buy from us. Product support and help are always there as well.

Advantages of buying Open Box, Refurbished, and Used Products:

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Source: http://www.veracityworld.com/top-tips-for-buying-refurbished-electronics/


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