New Versus Refurbished Laptops and Computers: The Cost Saving is Indeed Substantial

If you want to save money on IT equipment, refurbished is probably the way to go

Alhaji Muazu lives in Nigeria and supplies used and refurbished laptops to Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and other countries in Africa. His main clients are Schools, Universities, and SMEs. Since Alhaji Muasu’s clients do not have a big budget for investing into new IT equipment, he travels to Dubai to buy used and refurbished laptops and ship them to the respective country (ries).

Michelle has recently shifted to Dubai and she is looking for a laptop is to send emails, browsing and to use for her children’s education. As they are new to Dubai and the shifting process has made a large dent in their budget, so she does not want to spend a lot of money for a laptop. She is looking for a good laptop at a good price.

John is a middle level businessman and as his business is progressing well, he is upgrading his office and hiring new employees. He has to set up a full IT environment for his employees. His main business is focused on trading and as such he doesn’t need sophisticated IT products. He is also looking for a reliable company where he can buy laptops and computers at a good price.

Divya wanted to start an online business of her own and looking for a high end laptop. As her main purpose is only to upload her product pics and specification she also doesn’t want to spend much on her laptop.

In-depth all the above individuals have the same problem and all of them have one solution. Instead of buying brand new laptops and computers they should hunt for reliable used or refurbished products. We suggest that you should do some homework before buying any refurbished or used IT products. If the purpose of your laptop/computer is for simple use like browsing, emailing, upload/download and for education, we strongly suggest you buy refurbished laptops/computers.

Allow us to explain you about these category of IT Equipment.

What are Refurbished Laptops and Computers?

Let’s first look at what refurbishment actually means. It can refer to a number of issues relating to recycled electronics such as:

  1. It could mean that the Laptop was defective, returned to the manufacturer for repair and is up for resale
  2. It could also refer to a Laptop that has been used for several years and is being resold in the market
  3. Faulty or damaged parts in laptops are replaced to make the refurbished version as good as new. Therefore, the quality of a refurbished laptop is almost as good

Rapid advancement in the electronics industry has led to a decrease in the lifespan of electronics. The need to reduce e-waste and control the amount of waste sent to combustion facilities has necessitated refurbishment of laptops and computers.

Refurbishment of electronics ensures higher resource efficiency and improves the lifespan of the electronic merchandise.

But Why Refurbished Laptops?

1. A Price That’s Right

Why you should buy a refurbished laptopRefurbished laptops are just as good as new ones, if not better because they have been tested.

In fact, many people are of the opinion that a refurbished laptop is basically brand new. They say it’s like buying a car with 1,000 miles on it, but 25-30% off, more or less. It’s like the seller tells you “It’s all good, we tested” and you get the value of an almost brand new car, at a fair price.

2. Quality, Backed by Warranty

Refurbished goods come with a warranty, just like a new one would. Should you get a laptop that is less satisfactory, you can return it to your vendor for replacement.

3. To Do Your Bit

Refurbishment of electronics results in reduced pollution and is energy saving. Using refurbished electronics protects the environment by ensuring a decline in mining, refining, and processing of raw materials.

4. The Downside of Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops generally come with a limited warranty as compared to new devices. New laptops can have warranty extending to a three-year period while refurbished laptops can have a month to three months warranty. This means that in the case of failure of a refurbished laptop, it is difficult to get a replacement once the short warranty period is over.

Points to Remember Before Buying Any Refurbished Laptops?

Do your homework thoroughly before buying any refurbished products. Check the following factors in order to be on safer side.

1. Warranty

What to consider before buying any refurbished laptopsMost of the refurbished products are packaged with a warranty period of one month to three months. If the product is brand new as in open box products, the warranty period extends up to one year.

2. Return Policy

If the product you purchased turns to be faulty, make sure your supplier has a proper return policy.

3. Cost

Obviously, the main reason you are buying refurbished laptops is for cost reduction. So compare your product with the brand new. Refurbished products should be available 10% – 30% less when compared to new one. If you are lucky sometimes refurbished products are available with a maximum discounted rate of 50%.

4. Reliable Refurbishing Company

Buy a refurbished laptop from a certified or authorized refurbisherSince refurbishing products have some downsides we suggest you buy from a reliable source like a licensed refurbishing company rather than buying it from individuals.

As in Veracity World, all our products undergo several testing phases before reaching the customer. We have replacement facility and one month to three month warranty period. We have a separate servicing facility and in the case of faulty product, it will be repaired or replaced immediately.

Veracity World has over 18 years of experience in IT Asset management, buying and selling of IT equipment, across regions. We buy new, used and surplus IT products from Corporate Companies, Retailers of electronic items and manufacturers and sell it to our buyers in the local (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah) as well as international markets.

So next time whenever you want to buy products on a budget, Veracity World is here to help you and guide you to buy reliable products.



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